A unique opportunity for local area student actors and filmmakers to participate in all aspects of filmmaking by helping create a new and different style of feature length movies.
Electric Sky Films
and Lawrence Hebert.

Dedicated to local area Filmmaking and Chess.
The Prism Movie
Winner at the
2013 Littleton Film Festival
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Donate any amount so we can make
more wonderful sci-fi and chess films!!
Below -2016 Littleton Sci-Fi Film Academy SUMMER MOVIE: INVASION LITTLETON.
2016-Summer DVD now AVAILABLE.
$20 includes short sci-fi student movie, interviews and outtakes. Includes standard U.S shipping.
We make sci-fi films and teach sci-fi filmmaking.
Two of our feature sci-fi films are: Electric Sky and the The Prism.
Along with numerous short sci-fi films.
If you are are young actor or filmmaker send along a pic and bio.