A unique opportunity for local area student actors and
filmmakers to participate in all aspects of filmmaking
by helping create a new and different style of feature
length movies.In association with ElectricSkyFilms we
make youth sci-fi films and actually pay the young cast
and crew on our feature films. $40.00 per day  9-3pm
includes lunch. Actors must have acting experience
and live within 5 miles from Littleton. Parent must
sign  our standard release form.
Site updated 1/8/2020
Donate any small amount so we can
make more wonderful sci-fi and chess
films and run more chess activities!
via paypal
Below -2016 Littleton Sci-Fi Film Academy SUMMER MOVIE: INVASION LITTLETON.
2016-Summer DVD now AVAILABLE.
$20 includes short sci-fi student movie, interviews and outtakes. Includes standard U.S shipping.
We also make sci-fi films.
Two of our feature sci-fi films are: Electric Sky and the The
Prism have sold in Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio and hopefully
soon in Asia and Scandinavia.
Along with numerous short sci-fi films.
If you are are young actor or filmmaker send along a pic and bio.
Home of Littleton Chess and SciFi Filmmaking
Breaking news!!!       2019 December Littleton Chess Practice Session.
Kids ages 11 and under with less then 1 year experience.
No trophies. Just chess and pizza/juice.
Sunday December -15 11-1pm  Must sign up send email to
$15 per player. Can pay via paypal. lawrencehebert@hotmail.com

Each kid plays 5 games.

More info at
Look for our new film Kids from Venus
filmed in 2019 at Acton Boxborough schools.
Request a seat at the movie from Acton
Community Education.
We buy film rights to local area students original
books or screenplays. $50.00. Especially sci-fi.
Doesn't mean we ever make the film. However you
can never tell in the future. And you get the writing
credits in the film!
Otherwise your film may just sit on the shelf
forever and never bee seen :(
We have the following 3 film activities in pre-production:
Soon to be filmed all around Littleton Littleton MA.
The Chess Wizard. Need actors Ages 11-14.
End of Wilderness Road.  Sci-Fi thriller. Need actors Ages 12-16.
Prism 2020.  Sci-Fi adventure. Need actors Ages 12-16.
Camera operator: 2. Need actors Ages 1
Send in a picture and acting portfolio. Teen cameraman no pic needed.
Female Director with experience wanted. Very low budget.
Roma voice project.
Need kids voices for kids chess tutorial.
More info
Roma voice project
BREAKING NEWS - Littleton Chess Lesson
member wins 3rd place at a United States Chess
Federation event in Groton MA !!
Congratulations Abhijay!!
Coming Soon!
Littleton Chess Wizard Intro DVD. Coming Soon  Pre-order and get 10% off.  No obligation.
Includes: Piece names and moves.
 Check and Checkmate.                Rapid Development
 Castling rules.                               Queening
 En Passant                                                         $49.95  free local shipping.

Your on your way to winning the Littleton Chess Way!
Watch it over and over again!
cell# 978 413 0059