About the Director: Lawrence Hebert          

Director Background: As of 07/29/2018

Born:  Groton, Massachusetts.
Reside: Littleton, Massachusetts.
Single. Are you? Female/ like chess / golf / filmmaking / travel? Send a note:)

2003 -  Graduate:
 Bentley College: Waltham, Massachusetts.  
Bachelor Science Degree
Computer Information Systems.  

2006 - Graduate:
Harvard University Film School.,Cambridge MA.

New Hampshire Amateur Chess Champion.

3 Years Eastern  Massachusetts  Inter-Scholastic Chess Champion.

As a kid have beaten chess experts rated 2000+ and chess masters 2250+
in United State Chess Federation tournaments.

2007- Founder:  Electric Sky Films. www.electricskyfilms.com
Make sci-fi films /  teach sci-fi filmmaking and chess.

2006  Bobby Fischer versus Mikhail Tal.  / Chess Film.
youtube review
De Awriora Rora 1 month ago
11 mins of pure goosebumps.......how the hell did you manage such a task dude.......
well done!!

2007 Electric Sky   - Teen sci fi.   94 minutes / feature film.
2010 The Prism - / teen sci fi.  100 minutes.  / feature film.
2016 Invasion Littleton - teen sci fi.
2016 Littleton A.D. / teen sci-fi.
2017 The Silver City  / teen sci-fi.
2018 Under Fay Park. sci fi horror.
2019 Star Hill. sci fi horror.
2019 Comet Dust.  kids sci fi.

So far I write all screenplays, direct, edit the films and incorporate all
animation and special effects. Direct and produce all films.

Tournament Director of the annual Littleton Chess Championship.

Web/Database developer:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
Hewlett Packard Corporation,
Compaq Computer Corporation,
Digital Equipment Corporation.

Other Note:
Actually filmed the 1986 Challenger Shuttle disaster with my own video
camera while on vacation at Cape Canaveral. You can see this on youtube.
1986 Challenger Explosion

As a kid I actually shook Senator  Robert F. Kennedy's hand while he was in
a  parade in New York. Simply made it through his marching entourage and
said nice to meet you. He said the same. He said it was a little brave of you
just to bust through:) With a smile on his way.

Favorite 4.0 classes at Bentley: Creative writing,  English Composition, US
History Writing Composition/Hiroshima, American Classical writing
. I've
earned to the right to write the way I want.
Micro/Macro Economics.,
Marketing, Advertising
, Computer classes.

Father: Veteran - Vietnam+ Korean wars. So yes I am an Army brat:)

Lived in France and Germany.
Sites dedicated to local area Filmmaking and local Chess activities.