The 2017 LITTLETON Chess CHAMPIONSHIP in January 7 2017  11-2pm

Sign up early so we can get the 12 minimum !

10-1:30pm. Arrive at 10:45am
Where: Littleton, Town Hall

Register with Parks and Rec. Registration fee includes Pizza lunch.

Must know how to play Chess.

New this year: each player can on play in the Championship section or the Scholastic section, not both.
Player in the Championship section only play those players. Players in the Scholastic section on play
scholastic section players.

Each player plays all 5 games.
Generally each round; winners play winners, losers play losers.
Total of 5 games determines Champions.  15 minutes on each clock = max of 30 minute game.
Tie Break system is used. If in the end there are ties, head to head is first tie break then 5min game if sill tie.

Bring a chess set if you can.
Chess clock are used and provided.  I will show how to use. Simple!!
One can also bring their own clock.
Not an officially rated USCF or MACA chess event. No ratings,  just play for fun and trophies.

It is strongly encouraged that for the very young players, that a parent, if not in the building is locally
accessible via cell or home phone.

Lunch/Pizza and drinks will be provided for players.

Must Register via the Littleton Parks Recreation web site:
1- Register for Classes on the left hand side of the Park and Rec web site.
2- Sign in and then select Fun and Leisure from the drop down list.

Tournament Director if you have any questions:

Always lots of fun!!
<-- about the
                                                                                                              2011 Players in action.
2010 Female Champion: Melissa Hebert                       Brandon and Justin Wu battle for 2011 Littleton Championship.        
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ERIK TOBIES [12 years old]
2016 Littleton Chess Academy graduate
The 2016 Littleton Middle School Chess Championship! With a perfect score of 5-0.

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New! Check out the pictures from the 2015 Championship on the  Lowell Sun web page link below!!
Littleton Chess on Lowell Sun web page.              

2015 Littleton Chess in Littleton Independent      <---click on link

Also register for our Intro to Sci-Fi Filmmaking class. More info below.
Lawrence Hebert [Director] congratulating Littleton 2014 Champion: Lawrence Gladdling
Past female champions Aishani Pathak and Morgan Famous
Melissa is also current 2016 Littleton Chairman of
the Board of Selectmen !
Morgan Famous [11 years old]
2015 Littleton Chess Academy graduate         ------------------>
The 2016 Littleton Female Chess Championship!
Erik Tobies of Groton Ma.
Morgan Famous
of Ayer MA
Coming the 2018 Littleton Chess Championship !! of the World!!  TBD
Female Champion: Morgan Famous
Click link below for news article.
2017 Champions
For our individual one-on-one student Chess lessons:
The weekend slots have been wait listed for these
amazing and popular one-on-one lessons!
Only one week night lesson
s slot available. Friday night
has been taken.  Sign up quick before filled!    

Check our reviews below with more coming.

Currently givng 1 hour student chess lessons at Littleton
Starbucks $20 per lesson. Should be about 5-8 lessons.
Week nights 6-7pm..

Chess Intro: For beginner that hasn't played: we learn piece
names, moves, check, checkmate,./rapid development,
clock..Insider information you won't find in books and online.
Start increasing you calculation and visualization power soon
after starting the class. The power stays with you forever.

For the beginner who already knows how to play but now
wants to know how to win! We teach:

Tactics and Strategies for the Beginner: Opening
methods; mid game attack/pins/forks,discovered check,
simple end game theory, chess clock and club/tournament
etiquette and strategies and so much more.

Cost and location are fixed, no changes! No friends just
one student and parent/s.

Recent parent reviews:
Subject: Re: Chess Lessons

Hi Lawrence,

Leighton enjoyed the lesson and asked to continue. I'm
not sure who enjoyed it more him or dad?

Dan told me he noticed Leighton's imagination drifted
several times, so as long as you can work with that and
keeping him focused doesn't bother you, we'd like to

Jacklynn  / Groton

Subject: Re: Chess lessons

Hi Lawrence,

Abhiram definitely liked the chess lesson with you. Can
we come tomorrow at 7pm? We are so much interested
to come.

Please confirm.

Kavitha   / Westford
Below: Littleton's new chess titans: Leighton Manning and Charloette Paying.
3/10/2018 practicing for the 2018 Littleon Chess Championship of the World!!
            Trained and coached by Lawrence Hebert.
BREAKING NEWS!!  3/29/2018
   Electricskyfilms teams up with Valley Wild
for Chess Classes.
We need 4 players ages 6-11 to learn and play once
a week for an hour. As of 3/29/18 we now have 2/4
so sign up quick!!!
First 1/2 hour Lawrence Hebert will give beginner
lessons which include tactics and strategies. The
second 1/2 hour will be dedicated to students
playing students. Also given is an analysis of the
students game if they would like.
Cost= $15.00 cash per/player per evening. Of
course we still continue our ever popular
one-on-one lessons below at Starbucks. Read the
reviews below! 1 slot left for one-on-one.