LITTLETON CHESS   We make Kids into Wizards into Champions.
Breaking News!! 1-18-2020 - Our student Abhijay has just won 2nd place within a United States Chess Federation Championship in Groton MA ! 3 wins- 1 draw and no losses!!!
Breaking News!! 11-18-2019 - Our student Rishi has just won first place within a United States Chess Federation Championship in Newton MA !
Breaking News!! 11-24-2019 - Our 6 year old student Moksha wins 2 of 4 games within a United States Chess Federation Championship in Groton MA !
Breaking News!! 10-27-2019 - Our student Abhijay has just won first place within a United States Chess Federation Championship in Groton MA !
Breaking News!! 10-8-2019 - 2 of our students ages 8 have just placed with trophies within a United States Chess Federation Championship in Groton MA!

We do kids one-on-one lessons with advanced chess teaching methods.
Thus we start teaching advanced chess techniques, both subliminal and up front, right away. Books and youtube just won't do.
We make it very cool and enjoyable. And they always come back.   It's not only what we teach but how we teach! Simply look at the reviews.
Chess Discipline - Structured Learning - Organized Thoughts - Inner Calmness - Multi-Threaded Vision - Fast-Clear-Accurate Calculations - Unbound Creativity.
Old School Methods - Modern School Methods - Respect- Work Ethic - Embraced Competition...etcetera... It's time to power up all parts of the brain!
our very popular one-on-one weekly beginner lessons for kids with less than 1 year experience.
$60.00 per 1 hour lesson.  
also have KIDS GROUP PRACTICE SESSIONS in littleton $15  includes pizza / PASTA / DRINK.  VEGGIE / NON VEGGIE.
KIDS weekend TOURNAMENTS in littleton $20    pizza - trophies
KIDS one-on-one matches in littleton $20    
KIDS SEASON LONG TOURNAMENTS in littleton  - trophies

Join the new Chess Renaissance of Littleton Chess ††

Lawrence Hebert is a 3 time Ayer High Champion †  2 time North East Interscholastic Champion † New Hampshire Amateur Champion † North Shore Speed Champion † Boston Open Sectional Champion.
And has been running chess events and teaching chess in Littleton since 2005.
Site updated: 3/17/2020
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We make kids into Chess Engineers!
They come here to learn how to win.
Dollar$ for Dollar$ it's better than a Harvard Education!

Cost and location are fixed, no changes!
$60/per 1 hour one-on-one session Usually 1 session per week.
These are
one-on-one sessions not classes. All the
attention for the hour is to one student.
Where: @Littleton/Starbucks/Point.

We have 14 kids so far. 5/girls 9 boys.
All like the one-on-one as opposed to the chess classroom.

Kids learn different than adults: requires patience, repetition,
kid communication and more patience.
One of the many teaching methods I use is the 'Mastery
Method'. A student learns at their own pace. They move on
after they learn 100% of the subject. No rush.

For their hard, hard word, the students obtain:
Organizational skills, multi-threaded vision, over the board
creativity, time discipline, sight calculation, logic problem
solving, study habits, work ethic, competition
and contentment that they have learned something special
that few others have.

Put down the video games. Turn off the electronic
devices and power up the mind with chess!
..My teaching methods combined with insider knowledge you
won't find in books, online or inefficientchessclassrooms.
Simply look at the credentials, course description,
reviews and then compare.
Start increasing your calculation and visualization
power soon after starting the class.
Students are taught to attack the king aggressively! With
advanced gambits, hyper-engineering and
reverse engineering. All combined with warp speed multi-
threading. Their attacks are lethal. They are induced to
calculate like René Descartes. Use his thought process over
the board;

-[ Rule VIII ] --- If in the matters to be examined we come to a step in the series
of which our understanding is not sufficiently well able to have an intuitive  
cognition, we must make no attempt to examine what follows; thus we shall
spare ourselves superfluous labour. He will attend carefully to every source of
deception in order that he maybe on his guard. He will also enumerate exactly
all the ways leading to truth which lie open to us, in order that the may follow
the right way.---
René Descartes

Imagine like a Da Vinci [ block all out before committing to a
strategy, then execute the attack / ex: Last Supper
preparation].  Utilize and betterment old world
philosophies of a Capablanca, Fischer and Tal. To conserve
some of your energy by using feel.
When playing these kids, if you are lucky enough to
survive the first 15 happy!
Because odds are you won't survive the second 15.
They are becoming masters of the chess clock and starting to
see everything. They'll watch your eyes for movement and
The kids are destined not simply to be mere future

After a few lessons each subsequent lesson will start with end
game theory and examples. The student will play them back
with full understanding. Each session has practice games that
are interactively analyzed. After the basic tactics and
strategies have been learned the student learns 2 openings per
week. Example: Kings Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense,
French Defense, Danish Gambit... Etcetera...
By now they are super confident and thinking fast and clear.
Now they can be taught anything even at the sub
level without much talk just by pointing the movement of
pieces. It is where deflection techniques and seeing into
opponent psychology enters. To adjust on the fly.
In the future the old Grandmaster USCF rating of 2800
will be 3200.

When the student is ready they have the opportunity to play a
multi-game match with other students at the Point. They are
more than willing to match-up//// Now they are armed with
many weapons and want to exercise their new found skills
with much confidence.
Of course someone must lose. However they are taught the
methods to extract so much learnings from a win OR a loss.
Either way they win! They are happy.

This weeks chess lesson most kids learned more advanced
checkmate patterns, 4 chess openings - The Kings Gambit,
The Ruy Lopez, The Sicilian Defense and the French
Defense. Next week the highly anticipated dangerous but
exciting attacking opening: The Danish Gambit. They also
learned the art of chess deflection [Where you induce and
seduce your opponents pieces to a certain direction only to
show the method to your madness.] --too cool. Next week the
art of chess deception... What your opponent sees on the chess
board isn't the truth!... Diabolical.��
Donate any amount so we can make
more wonderful sci-fi and chess films!!
They average 8 years old.
Parent / School comments. More below.

On Aug 28, 2019, at 12:12 AM, Kenny A
<> wrote:

Hi Lawrence - if there’s any way to get her into a solo
spot, we would definitely prefer that.  She has loved
the lessons.  Please let me know if that’s possible.
Perhaps a Sunday spot?

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From: Bernadette Keegan <>
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2019 12:58 PM
To: lawrence hebert
Subject: wait list

We can think of expanding the numbers for next time
and letting everyone know at the school the class size
before we start.  
I am hearing good things about your class.  
Bernadette Keegan
Acton-Boxborough Community Education
15 Charter Rd
Acton, MA 01720
Tel 978-264-4700 ext 3986 Fax 978-266-2540

From: Sandhya>
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 8:52 PM
Subject: Chess for Srikanth

Hi Larry!

Hope all is well. Sri had a great time playing and
learning chess from you this evening. Thank you for
reaching him! How did he do  / where is he in your
opinion?  By the way, I just paid you via PayPal.
The Roma voice project.
Need kids voices for chess tutorial.
Pay $20.
Roma link here.

Register your kid on       Very simple.

Start playing people online for free right away.

If you want to play Littleton Chess Kids... then

Tell us your ID and optimal times to play and required contact info: email or text.
You will be shown a grid when the other kids play.
When ready to play have the
lichess app up and running on your suggested time. Your Littleton Chess
opponent/s will challenge  you and you will hear the ping, then play. Or you can
challenge them. If another challenges you at the same time, then you can play
multiple games at the same time or cancel that person. There is a chat feature that
goes along with the game. You can turn that off if you like.
Playing Littleton Chess Community requires setup to our web pages, database and
Google docs. This feature is free for Littleton Chess members/lesson takers.
It is a  $20.00 setup fee for all others. If you want online lessons, they are $60 for
the hour. Beginners and intermediate beginners.
Use paypal:

Good Luck and have fun!

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