Melissa was also 2016 Littleton Chairman of the
Board of Selectmen !
New! Check out the pictures from the 2015 Championship on the  Lowell Sun
web page link below!!
Littleton Chess on Lowell Sun web page.              

2015 Littleton Chess in Littleton Independent      <---click on link
Below: Littleton's new chess titans: Leighton Manning and
Charlotte Payer. 3/10/2018 practicing for the 2018 Littleon Chess
Championship of the World!!
Trained and coached by Lawrence Hebert.
Site updated: 9/12/2018
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Are you a student filmmmaker? Join us for classes or producing one
of our sci-fi film productions filmed all over Littleton. 2018

2015 Littleton Scholastic Chess Champion: Erik Tobies.
A former Lawrence Hebert chess student.
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                   2018 Littleton Chess Championship !! of the World!! Sat Sept-15. Sign up now. All ages! All levels.  Send a note.
2010 Female Champion: Melissa Hebert
Director / Instructor: Lawrence Hebert
in the news from years and years ago.
2017 Littleton Best Female: Morgan Famous.
A former Lawrence Hebert chess student.
Sign up for group chess class. For this
next session we need 4-6 students.
prism set
Below: Prism Movie set at Fay Park 8/2012.
Below -2016 Littleton Sci-Fi Film Academy SUMMER MOVIE: INVASION LITTLETON.
2016-Summer DVD now AVAILABLE.
$20 includes short sci-fi student movie, interviews and outtakes. Includes standard U.S shipping.
For the tournament we will have a
very special chess set, a small
Franklin Mint set donated by
Banks Automotive to be viewed at
each tournament.
     Sign up for The 2018 Littleton Chess Championship  Saturday Sept-15 10am-1:15

Not a USCF rated tournament. Just fun, pizza and trophies.

No drop ins. Must register by email:  $25 at the tournament.

6 Trophies: Elementary School Champion, Middle School Champion, High School Champion.    
Female Champion, Senior Champion(50+) and Littleton Champion.

2 Sections: Scholastic and Open Section. If you are a student and want to play in the Open     
Section you can. Just let us know.

Only one trophy per person.

Chess clock is used by all. Very easy to learn. We supply them.

Touch move rule. Touch a piece you must move it.

If 2 players tie then we look at head-to-head games. If none then 5 minute playoff. I more than 1
winner we use software/add up opponents wins.